Alpine.AI prides itself on cutting through the hype to provide actionable information to help shepherd companies into the voice-enabled era. There are reasons not to build an Amazon Alexa skill, but below is a discussion on the benefits.


Retailers and brands, now is the time to build an Amazon Alexa skill. We are not saying this because it will instantly bring massive revenue, Alpine is recommending this because you need a seat at the Alexa table. If you are not learning how the platform is evolving, you risk getting left behind this major consumer movement.


Voice-first Alexa device adoption is growing faster than ANYONE expected

Since the Amazon Echo launched in 2014, consumer demand for voice-first devices has only accelerated.

  • At the start of 2017, we predicted a 250% growth in devices last year.

Growth of voice-first devices; Amazon Alexa devices

Consumer adoption surpassed that bold prediction and is still accelerating.

There are now more than 50M devices with Amazon Alexa inside – we achieved critical mass.

Jeff Bezos sums it up best: “Our 2017 projections for Alexa were very optimistic, and we far exceeded them,” Bezos said in the company’s earnings announcement. “We don’t see positive surprises of this magnitude very often – expect us to double down.”


The Commerce Company, Amazon, should innovate quickly on voice-enabled commerce


No company in the world stands more to benefit from Voice Commerce. We have seen initial experiments by Amazon, and Alexa voice deals are now an Amazon Prime Day mainstay as well as a growing consumer portal.


Brands and Retailers: Invest now in order to lead later – but invest the right way


This gets to the crux of the discussion – if you look at your Path to Purchase, voice is going to influence every phase of the journey. Without primary data, you are watching from the sidelines.

If you invest in creating an Amazon Alexa skill experience, you’ll develop opinions about these critical questions:

  • Will Alexa funnel all commerce through Amazon’s platform, or enable retailers to sell products directly as well? (Best Buy is a first mover here.)
  • Will Amazon owned brands get priority over other CPGs and brands?
  • Will retail skills get discovered on the Alexa platform, or will they be buried amongst the 40,000 other Amazon Alexa skills?
    • Voice Search innovation is key to improving Alexa skill discovery.

These questions could sway billions of your commerce dollars – voice is too important to wait for the conclusions.


But how do you get started creating an Amazon Alexa skill?

Alpine.AI does not recommend creating an experience from scratch, nor creating an experience that is disconnected from your existing Path to Purchase.

Create an Amazon Alexa skill that ties into your current Path to Purchase. Utilize your existing product catalogs, understand consumer voice behavior, and make sure you are represented on Amazon as voice commerce grows.

Alpine.AI created a solution to achieve this: we look forward to helping!


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