Alpine is breaking new ground in Artificial Narrow Intelligence

We are building unique technology with a purpose: to voice-enable leading brands and retailers, get them into the game quickly, and provide awe-inspiring Voice and Voice+Visual consumer experiences.

Areas of expertise: content ingestion, NLP & NLU, ontology creation and evolution, reinforcement learning, conversational intelligence, surface optimization and continuation optimization.

Content Ingestion

Our customers have spent years building knowledge about their company and products. Alpine uses those assets to their advantage, in this new conversational application world.

Ontology Creation and Evolution

Every industry is unique; every company is unique. Alpine creates custom ontologies for every client, mapping content to meaning utilizing NLP and ML.

Conversation Flow Intelligence

Alpine uses its knowledge base, including custom ontologies, as building blocks for its proprietary paradigm: Conversation Flow Intelligenceā„¢

CFI is a combo of Artificial Intelligence and vertical knowledge, giving conversational applications a brain.

Continuous Optimization

Consumers are interacting with these applications like we have never seen before.

The only way to create a truly groundbreaking application is to constantly feed in training data to improve the experience.

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