Every retailer and brand is thinking about how to survive and thrive in the Age of Amazon

Boaz Cohen, chief product officer at Clinch says it well: “So instead of doing the same thing they’ve been doing for years, they’re starting to think about what should we do, what’s our unique perspective or advantage compared to Amazon,” Cohen said. “Everybody’s reaching the conclusion that Amazon is very transactional-based; it’s not a personal experience.”

So, to thrive in the Age of Amazon, you need to provide a personal experience.

Voice assistants are quite possibly the most personal experience you can have.

You are talking, not typing, to a computer. You expect intelligent responses quickly.

Go to where the consumer is, wherever that may be

Katrina Gosek, senior director, digital customer product strategy at Oracle, said this is the year companies invest in new digital channels to ‘be found’:

“The smarter brands are realizing that their consumers want to interact with them in these micro-moments, anywhere, anytime, and they need to be there,” Gosek said. “And whether it’s through your phone speaker, car speaker, chatbot, or messenger, or WeChat, WhatsApp, you have to be there.”

Voice-first devices and voice-enabled devices have emerged as significant digital channels:

  • Since 2016, the number of devices featuring Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant has grown from 2M to 450 million.
  • 20% of US households have smart speakers, growing to 50%.
  • There are over 1B voice searches per month. If you care about being found in Google Search (i.e. invest in SEO and SEM), you need to be investing in voice applications.

Alpine is the easiest way to be found on the leading voice platforms, and be helpful to your retail customers, new and loyalists.

Retail as an experience, not just selling

The main advantage non-Amazon retailers have is their brand persona, and customer expectations. When you walk into a Nordstrom store, you expect a level of quality and personal attention.

Bring those same expectations to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Let your brand shine! Alpine is here to help you achieve that! Contact us @ info@alpine.ai

Hat tip to Ann-Marie Alcántara and her post for inspiring this blog post.