For the past five years, Amazon has gone from major player in commerce to the #1 player in digital commerce, and the company’s ambitions are only accelerating. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and Ring, and the removal of Nest products from its catalogue, it signals that the Amazon marketplace could be ‘Amazon-first’ in certain verticals.

To be clear, Google and other players do the same thing, with Google Flights getting a preferred search position over other flight websites.

Retailers and brands, now is the time to establish effective presence on Amazon’s Alexa, or risk being left out of the future Amazon ecosystem.


Amazon is responsible for a majority of the Internet’s product searches. According to Bloomreach and an article by Bloomberg, Amazon is the leader in online commerce search, with Google close behind and the leader in general search.

Alexa has been a major boon to Amazon – it looks to be the first successful consumer platform Amazon has ever built. (Twitch was acquired, Amazon Video is going to be it’s second, and perhaps Amazon Music its third.)

Consumer Product Searches will increasingly go through Amazon Alexa

With the number of Alexa-enabled devices poised to grow from two million to over one hundred million in three years, expect product searches to increasingly occur through Alexa. This will grow Amazon’s product search volume: consumers can now search on, or just ‘Ask Alexa.’ Alpine’s Voice Search Trends speaks to this growth.

The removal of Nest products underscores the importance of building an Alexa skill: brands and retailers need to understand where the future of product search is going, and how to effectively tie into all of Amazon’s ‘at-scale’ channels.

Amazon’s web site is not only at-scale but #1 on the web. Alexa will be the second most important Amazon portal. This phenomenon should not be ignored.

Building an Alexa skill is the first step towards collaborating with Amazon’s Alexa. The more you learn and collaborate with Amazon, the less likely you are to miss out or get shut out.

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