Alex and I have now been immersed in the Voice Assistant space for over two years. When we started, there was one million Echo’s sold and no one was sure what they were used for.

We have seen tremendous growth in the market, but many are still concerned that Echo’s and Home’s are novelties and will not be mainstays of the home.

Today we see the future of mainstream Voice adoption – always-on Voice Assistants integrated into your TV.

The current mainstream adoption of Voice is streaming audio, including Spotify, NPR, etc. This has justified 15%+ of US homes installing a Voice device in their home.

The next step function in adoption and usage is Voice+TV. This LG commercial is spot on, and it is going to be fun to see which major TV manufacturer picks which Assistant.

Alpine had predicted this experience in September 2016, and saw demos at CES, but seeing a National TV commercial from LG is a major milestone.


Prediction in Sept 2016:

Minority Report is coming to your TV, and it will be Voice-first