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Adam Marchick and Alex Linares creating Alpine.AI

Thanking all involved in the Alpine.AI journey

Our journey started in the spring of 2016 – I was taking some time off after 5 years running Kahuna and Alex was an Entrepreneur In Residence at The Chernin Group.  At TCG, Alex was forecasting the impact that new digital platforms would have on media at-large.... Read More »
LG Google_Assistant

The Future of Voice Interfaces

Alex and I have now been immersed in the Voice Assistant space for over two years. When we started, there was one million Echo’s sold and no one was sure what they were used for. We have seen tremendous growth in the market, but many are still concerned that... Read More »
AlpineAI ThoughtBot

Being Present and Effective on Voice Assistants – Podcast

Podcast about Alpine.AI from Giant Robots   Thank you Thoughtbot! Automated Transcription of Audio (Thank you to Temi for the transcription.) Chad Pytel:                   00:06               This is the Giant Robot... Read More »