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Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show will help sell Pixel 2 phones

TL;DR: The Echo Show is demonstrating the power of Voice+Visual smart assistant experiences, and consumers will expect these experiences when they are not at home. The most logical device to capture this demand is the mobile phone, and Google’s Pixel 2 is the best... Read More »
The 2017 Voice Report by Alpine

The 2017 Voice Report by Alpine (fka VoiceLabs)

VoiceLabs is continuing to innovate as Alpine.AI. Alpine will create an intelligent Google Assistant app or Amazon Alexa skill for your business. View our product offering that is helping evolve the voice-enabled Path to Purchase. Also, we are keeping an updated list... Read More »
VoiceFirst Minority Report

Minority Report is coming to your TV, and it will be Voice-first

Today, with the announcement of the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, we are one step closer to the future. We have seen the early steps towards ‘Voice + Screen’ innovation with Comcast’s Voice Remote, the upcoming Nucleus launch, and the Fire HD 8 Tablet +... Read More »

Creating the Voice User Experience (VUX) Discipline

With the emergence of voice-first applications, developers and designers need to evolve to serve consumers. We are calling it Voice User Experience (VUX). VUX requires understanding the consumer’s interest, and the ability to interact hands and screen free. There will... Read More »
Amazon Echo in Kitchen

The Amazon Echo, present and future

The next big thing may not look like much at first glance. But if you overlook Jeff Bezos’ cylinder of obsession, the Amazon Echo, you may be missing this decade’s smartphone. Over the past few months, VoiceLabs (now Alpine.AI) has interviewed close to a hundred... Read More »