We’re excited to announce that we have built a new product to help brands and retailers take advantage of the voice channel in the consumer decision journey.

We’re calling this new phenomenon the Voice-Enabled Path to Purchase and have created a new company to fully focus on this opportunity: Alpine.AI.

Consumers will increasingly expect brands to deliver valuable answers and the right product recommendations, conversationally, on voice-enabled devices. Alpine is reimagining these experiences by creating voice and visual solutions that benefit consumers in this new, voice-enabled world.

A customer partners with Alpine and receives a high performing Google Assistant app and Amazon Alexa skill, that are optimized for product discovery and purchasing. These apps continuously improve and stay up to date with a customer’s product catalog.

Read how the voice-enabled path to purchase is key to voice commerce.

Join Us!

Alpine just closed a round of funding with support from The Chernin Group, Betaworks and Javelin Venture Partners, and is hiring! If the mission appeals to you and you are an engineer, visit our careers page or email careers@alpine.ai to learn more. If you are a company that wants to partner with Alpine to deliver your products to consumers, contact us here.

Why we created Alpine:

Over the past two years, VoiceLabs.co served over 3,500 voice developers (who built apps on Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and other major voice platforms) to become the #1 Voice Analytics product in the market.

In partnership with leading brands, we created the first KPI for Voice applications, the first actionable visualization for voice conversations, and a complete analytics service that helped developers improve application quality and retention.

In addition, we shared our learnings on the voice ecosystem with the 2017 Voice Report, tracked industry stats, and shared freely – we are all building this ecosystem together.

It was from this analytics exploration and collaboration with leading brands that Alpine was born: Now is the time to create compelling Voice+Visual experiences for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, especially for companies that value the Path to Purchase and commerce.

The Alpine Team

P.S.: We are taking care of our VoiceLabs customers, and have provided migration instructions here.

Here is press coverage describing some of the macro trends in the industry: Voice: A Growing Piece Of The Omnicommerce Pie